Synth Riders’ Rhythm Action Now at SynthesisVR Arcades Worldwide

Here in the UK, continued restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic have ensured that location-based entertainment (LBE) venues trying to get back on their feet are still going to struggle. But where available developers are delivering new content to ensure locations have the latest experiences, such as Kluge Interactive’s Synth Riders coming to SynthesisVR‘s platform.

Synth Riders

The energetic rhythm-action title has been available for home virtual reality (VR) headsets since 2019, offering bouncy beats to wave your arms to. With a range of modes, Synth Riders can be played solo with a “Spin Mode” providing 90, 180, and 360-degree variations of the songs as well as a 10-person multiplayer mode.

It’s this latter feature that should work particularly well at VR arcades, connecting their players to other locations worldwide.

“We are excited to bring Synth Riders to the SynthesisVR platform. It’s a solid addition to every operator’s library as the game combines freestyle rhythm fun with a 10-player multiplayer. We believe that after the temporary slowdown, the LBE market will recover rapidly to start growing faster than ever before,” said Pawel Gajda, Marketing Director of Synth Riders in a statement.

Synth Riders

“We are pumped to bring Synth Riders to all our partners worldwide through SynthesisVR. After the exit of Beat Saber from commercial locations we believe Synth Riders will be a great addition and with Multiplayer and Party mode, a truly exciting game for VR locations,” adds A Shabeer Sinnalebbe, CEO of Synthesis VR.

Synth Riders is available at hundreds of VR arcades using the SynthesisVR platform today thank to a new update. Venues will get the same features including Spin Mode, 48 songs from various genres and an in-game fitness tracker to count those calories burnt.

VRFocus enjoyed Synth Riders, giving the videogame a four-star review,  finding an energetic and engaging experience: “What you need to watch out for is a sudden addiction to Synthwave music and the desire to grow a mullet.” Hence why the title also made it onto VRFocus’ “10 Best Fitness Apps For A VR Workout.” For further updates, keep reading VRFocus.