Secret Location has 3 LBE Games Heading to VR Arcades

There was a time when virtual reality (VR) developers turned to location-based entertainment (LBE) to help improve their revenue streams when they struggled to find success in the consumer market. 2020 changed all that but some are continuing to support the industry with new content, Secret Location being one of them. The studio has confirmed this week that it has three LBE VR videogames on the way.

Paranormal Pest Patrol

One is entirely new whilst the others leverage its Blasters of the Universe wave shooter. Revealed for the first time is Paranormal Pest Control, a free-roaming multiplayer where teams of up to eight players become paranormal exterminators to rid a home of mischievous little demons. Hiding in everyday items like books or the fridge, this light-hearted experience is all about dispatching the critters in fun ways.

Blasters of The Universe: VR Bullet Hell adapts the original home release version to add a cooperative multiplayer, so teams of four can fight waves of retro enemies whilst ducking and dodging incoming fire.

“As a studio, we’ve always experimented with ideas and narratives that push the boundaries of immersive entertainment, and creating content for the location-based market has been one of our key goals,” said Kathryn Rawson, VP of Content, Secret Location. “Our hope, as developers, is that these immersive experiences will bring some much-needed fun and escapism to all.”

Blasters of the Universe: Infinity Forever

And then there’s Blasters of The Universe: Infinity Forever which VRFocus reported on earlier this month. This turns the franchise into a free-roaming experience where teams of four players have to work together across four levels to defeat the evil super-lord Alwyn from the original videogame.

To ensure a global launch Secret Location has teamed up with distribution platforms including Hologate, SynthesisVR, VRstudios and Escape VR.

“At Hologate we pride ourselves in offering some of the world’s best immersive experiences. As our clients begin to re-open their locations we’re excited to be partnering with Secret Location to launch the HOLOGATE
adaptation of their popular VR game Blasters of The Universe: VR Bullet Hell,” adds Leif Petersen, CEO, Hologate.

Blasters of The Universe: Infinity Forever has already launched via SynthesisVR with Blasters of The Universe: VR Bullet Hell and Paranormal Pest Control launch dates to be announced. For further updates on the latest LBE titles, keep reading VRFocus.