PvP Dueler Blaston Hits Oculus Quest Early October

Prolific virtual reality (VR) developer Resolution Games only released frantic party title Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale a couple of weeks ago and its already gearing up for another launch. Next is the turn of PvP shooter Blaston which now has a confirmed arrival date for the beginning of October.

Blaston image1

First announced back in April, Blaston continues Resolution Games’ love of multiplayer VR videogames where two players fight it out with an array of ranged weaponry. Inspired by old wild west shootouts, players are given little room to manoeuvre as their avatars are placed on reasonably close platforms to keep the action charged.

In these face-offs, players are able to select from an armoury of futuristic weapons hovering around them which continue to spawn so they can keep changing tactics. All the while dodging and weaving to avoid incoming fire. To make this process even more interesting all the weapon fire is in slow motion so players can avoid projectiles if they’re quick enough.

There are certainly similarities in the gameplay to E McNeill’s Ironlights and its slow-mo fighting style, although Blaston does keep the action at a distance. It’ll be interesting to see how the two compare when the neon-drenched shooter arrives.

Blaston image2

“It requires players to almost look at it as a puzzle, putting together the various gameplay elements of movement, confined spaces, and slow-motion attacks. The delicate precision needed to avoid being blasted away from an assault of bullet hell-esque projectiles makes it very intense and a ton of fun,” Tommy Palm, CEO of Resolution Games has said in a statement.

Blaston is scheduled for release on 8th October 2020 for the Oculus Quest platform, just ahead of the launch of Oculus Quest 2 on 13th, with more platforms to follow. For further updates from Resolution Games, keep reading VRFocus.