Ilysia Kickstarter Hits Target & Multiple Stretch Goals as Campaign Continues [Update]

Team 21 Studio launched its Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign of Ilysia at the beginning of the month, getting off to a great start in only a few days. That momentum continued seeing the project hit its funding target last week, sailing past several stretch goals since then, proving the virtual reality (VR) communities desire for more MMORPG’s.


The campaign initially sought to raise $60,000 USD as its base target, with the figure now just on the plus side of $88,000 from 630 backers. This has allowed the team to achieve five stretch goals, the latter two adding plenty of options for all those who love a pet companion. With just under two weeks to go 5 further stretch goals remain including airship and naval combat for $125k.

Ilysia is well on its way to become one of the most expansive VR MMORPG’s, with Team 21 Studio planning myriad of things to do and places to explore, either by yourself or with a bunch of friends. There’s an overarching storyline involving an alien race coming to the planet and starting a great war centuries before, with all players part of this group who are now allowed to explore Ilysia.

Gameplay will be a mixture of melee combat, bow and magic capabilities depending on your preference. So you’ll be able to arm yourself with massive swords to hack down enemies, all with realistic physics so that you have to properly swing and hit them with the edge to do damage. Those who love to cast spells will be able to do so via gestures to aid immersion, creating bolts of lightning for example.

Ilysia - PCVR

Previously in pre-alpha for Discord and Patreon backers, Team 21 Studio is continuing development, working towards a Holiday 2021 launch for Ilysia for multiple platforms including PC VR, Oculus Quest and PlayStation VR. To get yourself a copy of the videogame backing tiers start from $25 (about £20).

There aren’t many VR MMORPG’s at the moment with Nostos and Orbus Reborn part of the limited list. As well as Ilysia, also upcoming is Zenith by Ramen VR, also expected next year. For further updates on Ilysia, keep reading VRFocus.

Update: The article has been updated to clarify that Ilysia has exited pre-alpha state. Apologies for any confusion.