F2P Shooter Mortal Blitz: Combat Arena Launches Next Week on PlayStation VR

After Korean virtual reality (VR) developer Skonec Entertainment held an open beta for its upcoming F2P multiplayer Mortal Blitz: Combat Evolved during August it’s now ready to launch the shooter. The studio recently announced that it’ll be rolled out for PlayStation VR in October.

Mortal Blitz: Combat Arena

The franchise originally hit PlayStation VR back in 2017 as Mortal Blitz, a single-player first-person shooter (FPS). Since then Skonec Entertainment has mainly focused on location-based entertainment (LBE) in its home country. That’ll change in just over a week where up to four players can go head-to-head across dynamic arenas.

Completely free to download and play, Mortal Blitz: Combat Arena will run on a seasonal model in a similar way to videogames like Firewall Zero Hour. Seasonal updates will see the addition of new PvP maps, various weapons, and new modes. While the base PvP mode is free if players wish to expand their experience they can purchase additional packs to unlock further content.

Skonec Entertainment has listed several DLC packs: Standard Edition, Premium Battle Pass; Deluxe Edition and the Arena Pack. The Standard Edition for example features the single-player Mission Mode as well as giving players access to daily, weekly, and seasonal missions for new rewards.

Mortal Blitz: Combat Arena

The gameplay takes place in arenas filled with hexagonal platforms to teleport between. Jumping to a new platform activates a light barrier for players to avoid incoming fire but it can be destroyed with a few shots depending on the weapon. There will be the usual selection of guns, from miniguns and shotguns to rocket launchers and rail guns. There’s also one called Rampage which ignores the light barrier and can kill with a single bullet.

Mortal Blitz: Combat Arena is scheduled to launch for PlayStation VR on 8th October 2020. As VRFocus has previously reported, the studio also plans on supporting Oculus Rift and HTC Vive in the future. For further updates, keep reading VRFocus.