Create Movies on Your iPhone With Litho’s First AR App ‘Diorama’

Litho’s augmented reality (AR) controller has been available for about a year, giving creators a tool for building and manipulating digital objects on a mobile device. Today, the company has announced the launch of Diorama, an AR app which allows users to animated scenes.

Litho - hand

Essentially providing users with a way to create AR movies directly inside their mobile device, Diorama offers a selection of props to work with as well as integrating with the Google Poly library for an even wider array of digital objects. Additionally, contemporary artists Pascal Sender, Keiken Collective + Ryan Vautier and Sean Rodrigo have contributed 3D creations to play with.

“Diorama will democratise the creation of special effects in the same way the smartphone democratised photography. It will allow anyone to create beautiful visual effects the likes of which have previously only been accessible to Hollywood studios,” said Nat Martin, Founder at Litho in a statement.

When combined with the Litho controller users can animate objects simply by dragging them, fine tuning the path by grabbing specific points. Mood lighting can be added thanks to a selection of filters plus the app supports body tracking so creators can interact with a scene.

Litho - Diorama

The app launches today for free, compatible with iOS devices which support ARKit. You will need the Litho controller which has come down in price from its original $199.99 USD, now sold at $99. The device features an array of sensors, haptic feedback and a touchpad on the underside. Connecting via Bluetooth Low Energy (LE), the controller can be used for around eight hours between charges and comes with a Unity SDK for creating your own apps.

Litho does also support Android and Google’s ARCore software but the new Diorama app is for iOS only. For further updates on the AR controller, keep reading VRFocus.