Classic Puzzle Title Myst is Coming to Oculus Quest This Year

Cyan Worlds might be working on big new projects like Firmament but that hasn’t stopped the company embracing its roots, namely classic PC puzzler Myst. Today, during Facebook Connect, Cyan Worlds has announced that Myst will be getting a new lease of life on Oculus Quest.


Set on a beautiful yet mysterious island this new version has been built from the ground up for Oculus Quest, with modern art, audio and virtual reality (VR) interactions. Reimagining 1993 original, Myst in 2020 will also feature optional puzzle randomization to provide those puzzle experts with a greater challenge.

Thorough details of some of these improvements have yet to be showcased, even the new trailer is more of a cinematic teaser than a full-blown reveal. The screenshots do nicely highlight the work done on the visual side, with detailed environments and interactive puzzles, plenty of handles to pull and buttons to press.

Myst will also feature continuous locomotion so you can wander the hallways and outside environment at your leisure. Hopefully there will be robust comfort settings in place to suit all players.


Not date has been set of the release of Myst for Oculus Quest just that it’ll take place later this year for the holiday season.

Even with all the leaks surrounding Oculus Quest 2 – which are now proved correct – there’s still plenty to take away from the single-day digital event. The new headset will have lots of new accessories to further enhance your VR experience, and just like Cyan Worlds, plenty of developers have announced new titles for the Quest platform.

Facebook Connect still has plenty to offer past the keynote with plenty of talks available including John Carmack’s  “Carmack Unscripted” annual talk as well as Jaden Smith performing an exclusive concert. View the event through Venues and you’ll nab yourself a show t-shirt for your avatar.

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