Yupitergrad is the Latest Unusual VR Game From the Spuds Unearthed Team

Gamedust, the indie team behind Neverout and Spuds Unearthed has unveiled its latest madcap idea, a plunger firing, Soviet-styled, puzzle adventure which is slated for a PC VR launch later this year.


A sort of puzzle platformer, you have to navigate over 50 levels using suction cups fired from your arms. In fact, they are your arms as you don’t appear to have any hands either. Why? Because you happen to be a Soviet cosmonaut called Slavic Tarzan who has been sent to a Jupiter base to test some new device which of course goes wrong.

So you’re now left with navigating this space station using grappling hooks and spatial boosters, performing all sorts of crazy stunts to make it through. The grappling mechanic has been chosen by Gamedust to minimise motion sickness, and from the first trailer it doesn’t look quite as fast or hectic as fellow grappler Windlands.

There is a comedic undertone to the whole experience and it certainly has a striking cel-shaded art style in a similar vein to Lies Beneath – although nowhere near as horrifying and scary.


Yupitergrad is currently scheduled to launch via Steam in Q3 2020 for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Versions for Oculus Quest and PlayStation VR are expected in the future. As further details are released regarding the puzzles and gameplay VRFocus will let you know.