Stride’s Early Access Launch is This Week

Last weekend virtual reality (VR) developer Joy Way held a short closed beta for its upcoming, parkour inspired videogame Stride. Spaces were limited so if you liked the look of the title but didn’t get on the beta then here’s some good news, Stride launches this coming Friday.


It’ll be an Early Access release on Steam for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. This also means Joy Way will be conducting a phased rollout, whereby a series of arcade modes will be released first followed by a larger story-driven campaign when the official launch takes place.

So just like the beta the first mode players will get their hands on is the Endless Mode, where you can free-run to your hearts content down a singular, procedurally generated, straight track. Wall run, duck under obstacles, shoot enemies, zip line and leap across gaps to see how far you can get in one session.

This will then be followed by a Speed Mode which is a race against the clock and then Arena Mode, a varied-terrain arena with waves of enemies. These arcade modes will all be included in the Early Access price as updates, rolled out over the course of 2020. As for the campaign Joy Way does say: “a storyline campaign version will likely be offered at an additional cost as a DLC”


“Our aim is to convey a real sense of height, danger, and dynamic movement as players navigate through the realistic environment of city rooftops,” the studio explains on Steam. “We set ourselves the task of realizing the real sensations of parkour from the comfort of your virtual reality headset.”

Getting an early look at Stride, VRFocus said in its first preview: “After playing this snippet and the fact that there are more game modes as well as a full campaign to come makes for an enticing prospect. It could quite easily put Joy Way on the VR developer map should all the additional features create a nice cohesive whole.”

Stride arrives in Early Access on 28th August. As Joy Way continues to release further updates VRFocus will keep you posted.