Radio Commander is Getting a VR Makeover for 2021

The Vietnam War has been extensively covered across various entertainment media and next year it’ll be the turn of virtual reality (VR). Today, Serious Sim and Games Operators have announced development of Radio Commander VR, bringing the strategy title to PC VR headsets early next year.

Radio Commander VR

Released last year as a standard PC title, the premise behind Radio Commander is that instead of being in the thick of it, fighting alongside your squadmates you’re the head honcho giving all the orders back at base camp.

You’re still in the heart of the Vietnamese jungle but you don’t have to worry about incoming enemy fire. Instead, it’s your burden to send your men into battle, using effective strategies to not only win but also get them out alive.

“Since day one, we’ve dreamed about a VR version of Radio Commander. Our goal was to offer players the most realistic and immersive Vietnam War experience on the market, and finally, VR technology gave us that chance. We’re putting the player right in the heart of the action – the centre of the South Vietnam of the ’60s, into a commander’s tent, where he can control US troops fighting with the enemy,” says Games Operators’ Jakub Bukała in a statement. “Gamers will be able to look around the tent and the base, lean over the map, move their tokens manually, and operate the radio. In other words, they really become the true Radio Commander.”

Radio Commander VR

Aiming to give a realistic experience of being a commander giving orders over the radio, you need to ask for situation reports, listen to what your men have to tell you, and send evac choppers or nape drops as needed, ensuring morale and supplies are maintained. Every choice made will affect the fate of your soldiers and the story. All you have is a map and a radio to manoeuvre infantry, air cavalry, field artillery and air support.

With a launch window currently slated for Q1 2021, Radio Commander VR is currently listed to support Valve Index and HTC Vive headsets. As further details on the title are released, VRFocus will keep you updated.