Puzzle-Platformer Yupitergrad Swings Onto PC VR Headsets Next Week

Indie virtual reality (VR) developer Gamedust announced its upcoming project Yupitergrad earlier this month, with plans to launch a PC VR version in Q3 2020. Well, that time has almost arrived with the studio confirming the launch will take place next week across multiple stores.


Described by the team as a ‘diesel-punk puzzle-platformer’ Yupitergrad is a single-player experience mixing Spider-Man style swinging in what looks to be a Soviet space station. You just so happen to be an (un)lucky cosmonaut sent to the Jupiter base to conduct an experiment, test some unknown device and then leave with the results.

Nothing goes to plan and for some reason, you’re left trying to flee the station with two grappling devices attached to your arms – you have no hands!

“So kiss your babushka goodbye and become a space-traveling Indiana Jones. Roam through an industrial space station with grappling hooks and spatial boosters,” Gamedust’s synopsis explains. “See how acrobatics in space, zapping off ledges and walls feel like. Experience the perspective of a space comrade, arcade platforming, and challenging riddles. All soaked in a gritty, full-on Slav, humorous story.”


There are going to be over 50 levels to navigate, through gas-filled rooms, past swirling fans of death, scorching furnaces and other mechanical devices, all like Tarzan. Gamedust says there should be minimal risk of motion sickness thank’s to Yupitergrad‘s design although any sort of swinging movement can be tricky to execute, especially for an entire videogame.

Yupitergrad will be available through Viveport, Oculus Store, and Steam from 27th August, retailing for $14.99 USD and supporting HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. If you happen to be a Viveport Infinity subscriber Yupitergrad will be available the same day. Oculus Quest and PlayStation VR version are planned for a later date. For further updates on Yupitergrad, keep reading VRFocus.