Gravity Lab Rolls Onto Oculus Quest 20th August

Virtual reality (VR) developer Mark Schramm – who now works for Superhot – has created a number of immersive titles over the years, one of the best being Gravity Lab. Originally released for PC VR headsets back in 2016, later this month it’ll arrive for Oculus Quest.

Gravity Lab

Gravity Lab is a physics-based puzzle title all about moving a series of balls from one location to another. Like any good puzzle experience with a simple concept, the addictive gameplay comes in creating all sorts of elaborate machines to aid in transportation, dealing with various first environmental challenges along the way.

Much like other machine-based puzzlers such as Gadgeteer, Gravity Lab is all about the range of tools you have at your disposal. From basic platforms for the balls to roll across to accelerators, bouncers, laser gates and more, all having a unique function to facilitate custom machine creation.

While the gameplay is purely single-player the Oculus Quest version of Gravity Lab will also include a community section like the PC version. In the ‘Workshop’ you’ll be able to download community creations to see what other players have come up with.

Gravity Lab

Schramm announced on Twitter that Gravity Lab will be coming to Oculus Quest on 20th August 2020, and you can wishlist it now. VRFocus will continue its updates on the latest puzzle titles for the standalone headset, reporting back with further announcements.