Dinosaur Horror Goner Hits Kickstarter Goal, VR Stretch Goal Still Some way off

Spanish developer Loco Players launched a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign at the beginning of the month looking to raise enough cash to support its project Goner. That’s now been achieved with the studio now looking to hit several stretch goal, one of which is virtual reality (VR) support.


The Kickstarter aimed to raise just over £22,000 GBP and has now achieved that thanks to 517 backers. The stretch goals, especially the VR one, are another matter. Up to €50,000 EUR, there are four goals adding extras like mod support, more creatures and another biome. VR support is one of the last goals on the list with Loco Players adding it once €190,000 has been reached. So quite a way to go.

Goner is described as a survival horror, where players have to fend for their lives on an island filled with ravenous creatures – and you. The narrative sees you step into the shoes of Anthony Sunder whose mother and her expedition have gone missing. His search for her inevitably leads him to a mysterious island which is inhabited by a hostile lost civilization as well as deadly plants and animals.

All of which means you need to explore and scavenge the island for suitable supplies whilst looking for clues to her whereabouts. The island will feature safe spots such as shallow caves or high branches where you can make a base to craft items or just rest for the night. You’ll also be able to save progress at these bases but only if you can find specific flints.


Of course, survival will also mean dealing with predators who will be able to see, hear and smell you. So you can build weapons and traps to help in a fight or when needing to avoid one you can’t win, cover your body with mud or other more unpleasant items to disguise your smell.

The Kickstarter for Goner ends on 10th September so there should be enough time to hit more stretch goals. To support the project and get a copy of the videogame tiers start from £15/€16, with the Early Access launch expected to take place in September 2021. For further updates on the campaign, keep reading VRFocus.