Puzzle Builder Gadgeteer Leaves Early Access in August, Adding Online Sharing

Metanaut launched its first virtual reality (VR) title Gadgeteer into Early Access a little over a year ago, adding new features like the recent Color Toolhead. Now the studio has announced v1.0 of the videogame is nearing release, arriving next month with a bunch of requested gameplay options.


When the update lands it’ll finally add a feature Metanaut has long talked about and fans have been looking forward to, Online Sharing. They’ll be able to upload their creations and play everyone else’s, whilst having the ability to ‘Like’ and bookmark their favourites. Players can find news ones by filtering between Puzzle and Sandbox types as well as browsing Hot, Popular and New categories.

Another new feature is Puzzle Designer. Capable of providing an endless stream of challenges from the community, players have the ability to create obstacles in their levels or limit what gadgets can be used. They can also test solutions for their machines before uploading them online.

There will also be a bunch of cool new gadgets to play with, 40 in fact, such as the rubber ducky, bowling ball, and slippery soap bar which are being tested in the open beta.


“We set off to create a charming VR game with endless possibilities and infinite replayability. With the full release of Gadgeteer, I’m happy to say we’ve reached our goal of creating the ultimate puzzle and sandbox game for VR,” said Peter Kao, CEO of Metanaut in a statement.

VRFocus reviewed the Oculus Quest version last year, saying: “Gadgeteer isn’t going to be for everyone, much like being a watchmaker. It’s finicky, time-consuming and puzzling all at the same time. They’re also the reasons why Gadgeteer is a puzzle gem for Oculus Quest.”

Gadgeteer will leave Early Access on Oculus and Steam on 27th August 2020, retaining its retail price of $14.99 USD. For any further updates on the title, keep reading VRFocus.