Onward for Oculus Quest Will Feature Custom Maps, Just not at Launch

Tomorrow will see Downpour Interactive and Coatsink Software launch first-person shooter (FPS) Onward for Oculus Quest. As VRFocus previously reported it’ll be an exact feature port of the PC VR version including its maps and mechanics. But these won’t all be available on launch day, such as the custom maps feature for community content.


When Onward arrives tomorrow it’ll feature 11 of Downpour Interactive’s maps as well as the shooting range to get players started. CEO Dante Buckler confirmed to VRFocus that: “More maps will be coming out from us. On day one we decided to release our core maps for the game, there will be four maps that won’t make it for launch but will come out soon after.”

When it comes to the custom maps Buckler acknowledged they were an important part of the PC VR version, however, Oculus Quest is a slightly trickier prospect. “In the future we’re going to be allowing custom map support for Quest soon after launch, I won’t put a timeline on it, we will have custom map support because we had it on PC and the framework is there we just have to rework a few things and provide help for map creators.

“Because to get their maps on Quest it’s not an easy thing, not like on PC, you have to really know what you’re doing with how you design your map, how you optimise it and other things you need to look for,” he explained. “When we get the tutorial written up for it we’ll let everybody know when they can start.”

Onward - Oculus Quest

Buckler also reconfirmed that the team was continuing to work on ranks and achievements and they’re not ‘completely done with game modes’. Also, any new future additions will come to both Oculus Quest and PC VR versions.

The Oculus Quest version of Onward will launch on 30th July 2020, retailing for $24.99 USD. There will solo, co-op and multiplayer game modes where up to 10 players can engage in cross-platform warfare utilising a mixture of realistic weaponry, from AUG’s and M16’s to rocket launchers and grenades. As further details are released, VRFocus will let you know.