Open Call Begins for Digital Catapult’s Augmentor Programme Looking for 10 XR Startups

In 2017, Digital Catapult announced its first Augmentor programme to help the UK’s immersive technology startups, through funding, access to hardware, mentorship and other avenues. The organisation has just announced an open call for 2020’s Augmentor, looking to find 10 companies developing innovative XR tech.

Resus.VR - Digital Catapult

Just as in previous programmes, it’ll be a 12-week accelerator to nurture the next generation of businesses. To be eligible to apply applicants must have minimum viable products or applications which are primarily developed using immersive technology.

While the Augmentor initiative covers startups working in any sector, for 2020 Digital Catapult will be focusing on companies working in: 

  • Architecture, engineering and construction
  • 3D design, production and tooling
  • Advanced manufacturing (e.g. robotics, automotive, aerospace, supply chain)
  • Data visualisation 
  • Training
  • Utilities sector
  • Creative industries  (e.g. entertainment, gaming, media)

Other startups also encouraged to apply are those utilising other technologies such as AI or 5G.

“Remote operation of machine processes, control devices in hazardous environments, rapid training on complex technical equipment, distributed virtual social media, the covid pandemic has prompted growing interest in virtual and augmented solutions. Augmentor attracts some of the most creative and inventive companies in the UK and Europe to get a boost to their product development and a positive steer on their business strategy from super smart and highly experienced mentors and investors,” said Jeremy Silver, CEO, Digital Catapult in a statement.

The Wild - Oculus Quest

“In these interesting, difficult times, the investment landscape is hard for immersive companies. Augmentor is a vital piece of the puzzle for the UK startup community,” Silver continues. “We’ve aligned the programme closely to industry needs, we’re helping forge deep and lasting connections with investors to help these small businesses reach their full potential.”

Digital Catapult has partnered with several big investment funds to help make Augmentor a reality, including Vive X, Remagine Ventures, MMC Ventures, Ascension Ventures and more. The accelerator programme will run the open call until 29th July 2020.

Since inception, Augmentor has helped 27 companies including Somewhere Else, which developed soft skills training platform BodySwaps and HoloMe, the team behind Asos’ ‘Virtual Catwalk’. For further updates on Augmentor including this year’s participants, keep reading VRFocus.