Firewall Zero Hour’s Fifth Season of Updates Out Tomorrow for PlayStation VR

It’s been a few months since First Contact Entertainment released the last update for its popular multiplayer shooter Firewall Zero Hour. Today, the developer has detailed its fifth major expansion for the videogame, Operation: Syndicate, adding a new map, contractor and more.

Firewall Zero Hour

First up is the new map, Blacksite. Free for all Firewall Zero Hour owners, the map is set in a Middle Eastern city with a heavy military presence just before sunset. With their teammate’s players will have to carefully navigate narrow alleyways and investigate apartments, as well as fighting through an open-air market. The Blacksite scene will also be used as the lobby environment for the season.

New Contractor Lucia Gallo is a highly trained hacker from Italy. Only available to Operation: Syndicate Op Pass holders, known as Luna, she has a skill called ‘Backtrace’ where “players can see the outline of all signal jammers in the world for 4 seconds, helping players locate and destroy the equipment in time,” describes First Contact Entertainment.

Once players complete the free mission in the season’s first week they’ll unlock a brand new weapon, the Custom ZS. A fully auto, short-range sub-machine gun, the Custom ZS is ideal for Blacksite’s short and medium-range engagement zones.

Firewall Zero Hour

Operation: Syndicate players will be able to unlock new cosmetic free mission rewards like face paints and camo skins. As usual, Op Pass holders also gain access to Premium and Bonus Mission Rewards for a total of 24 missions. Op Pass holders can also unlock Luna’s HZU legendary weapon skin by completing all Free, Premium and Bonus Missions in Operation: Syndicate as well as spending 250,000 Crypto. The Firewall Zero Hour – Syndicate Op Pass starts from $5.99 USD.

Firewall Zero Hour launched almost two years ago and retains its exclusivity on PlayStation VR. First Contact Entertainment’s next project Solaris Offworld Combat will continue that multiplayer, team-based combat theme but give it a sci-fi edge. Plus it’ll be released for Oculus Quest and Rift S first, with a PlayStation VR version to follow. For further Firewall Zero Hour updates, keep reading VRFocus.