Bebylon: Battle Royale Gets a 2020 Release Date, Cinematic Trailer Drops

It has been a week of surprises with long-forgotten virtual reality (VR) projects like Blunt Force suddenly reappearing. And now there’s another, Bebylon: Battle Royale, with a new website and details released by developer Kite & Lightning; including a possible 2020 launch.

Bebylon: Battle Royale

Details on Bebylon: Battle Royale have ebbed and flowed over the years ever since the title was first revealed in 2015. Kite & Lightning manage to secure a $2.5 million USD investment in 2016 which then led to the team expanding their ideas and the scope of the title.

As the name suggests, Bebylon: Battle Royale is set in a world full of babies. The story goes that a drug company created a pill for immortality but a side effect was that newborns inherited anti-aging genes and stopped growing after a couple of years, staying two-foot tall forever. Eventually shunned by tall society a few of the bebies decide to create their own utopia, a city just for them.

An AI is created to run the place but eventually, this haven starts to unravel as a competitive battle royale sport soon becomes the dominant form of entertainment. And this is where you step in, choosing from a selection of characters, vehicles and weapons to punch, trash-talk and beat rivals in arena matches.

Bebylon: Battle Royale

From the details released on the new website Bebylon: Battle Royale is set to feature 12 arenas, 12 items to use in battle, 16 characters and 4 vehicles; all of which have arms as their main offensive weapon. There will also be three gameplay modes, Practice, Mano A Mano (PvP) and The 4 AMano’s.

A new cinematic trailer showcases various aspects of the fights such as taunting and the specials but there’s no actual gameplay. Previous iterations have been in third-person which is still expected, how much has changed to other elements remains to be seen.

Kite & Lightning have big ideas for the franchise which is likely why Bebylon: Battle Royale has taken so long to arrive – the studio even jokes about previous release windows from past years on the website. Previously the studio has said Bebylon: Battle Royale won’t just be a brawler but a big online world for players. However, there’s no mention of that now.

Instead, Kite & Lightning now says its: “conceived a multi-season animated series with a ruthless story arc between Game of Thrones and Fight Club.” And work is underway on a secret project which is set to be revealed next month. If a release date for Bebylon: Battle Royale does finally appear, VRFocus will let you know.