Spaceteam VR’s Co-op Party Begins Later This Month

With the coronavirus lockdown in most countries likely to continue into the near future, people are looking for new and entertaining ways to remain connected with friends and family. Later this month British indie developer Cooperative Innovations will be releasing its co-op party title Spaceteam VR, ideal for groups looking for some hectic entertainment.

Spaceteam VR

Spaceteam VR is based on the mobile title from 2013, designed to offer hectic gameplay which tends to descend into shouting at each other to complete tasks.

None of which are easy because they’re randomly generated, incorrectly assigned instructions filled with technobabble. The core online multiplayer mode allows up to six players to participate around a central console, each player having their own board of dials and buttons. The aim is to keep the spaceship you’re all travelling on in one piece whilst under the constant threat of annihilation from supernova, asteroids, slime, aliens and more.

As to why the studio decided upon turning the title into a VR experience: “because it was an obvious choice for us, it’s a very funny cooperative multiplayer game and the reason we set up the business was to make the most of the social and collaborative nature of VR” said Cooperative Innovations’ CEO and Co-Founder Simon Barratt in a statement.

Spaceteam VR

“It’s just like Spaceteam but attached directly to your face with an extra dimension and lots more arm-flailing!” notes original Spaceteam creator Henry Smith of Sleeping Beast Games. “It’s great being able to see your VR teammates frantically mashing their consoles beside you. And there are lots of little touches that really capture the feeling of the original game.”

To ensure ultimate flexibility, Spaceteam VR isn’t purely an online VR multiplayer. When allowed to, there’s a local mode which supports both VR headsets and mobile devices, plus you can also play solo with robot teammates.

Spaceteam VR is scheduled to arrive for Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index and Windows Mixed Reality headsets on 21st May, supporting cross-platform gameplay. A PlayStation VR version is also in the works for 2020.

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