Psychological Horror DreamBack VR Slated for Q2 2020 Release

There’s nothing like a good virtual reality (VR) horror title to get the heart pumping, yet there haven’t been many new videogames in this genre; the last being Lies Beneath. So it’s welcoming to see Come Over Gaming announce psychological horror DreamBack VR which is expected to arrive fairly soon.

DreamBack VR

DreamBack VR goes for the classic scary mansion tale where you play an engineer called out to fix a downed electrical line in an old abandoned Victorian estate called Rickfford Mansion. Suffering a frightening night on the estate, you survive but are left with haunting yet fuzzy memories which torment your dreams.

The videogame is set in these memories, as a psychiatrist try’s to help you face these terrors through hypnosis, unlocking what happened in the house that fateful night.

As a psychological horror DreamBack VR isn’t likely to feature jump scares as this style of scary videogame delights in the stuff you can’t always see, playing with lights, shadows and sound. Thus creating a tense atmosphere which was players continually on edge.

DreamBack VR

Gameplay revolves around solving elaborate puzzles, exploring the abandoned building for clues to unravelling its secrets whilst looking for a way out. There aren’t any combat or action sequences to break the nerve-wracking mood.

As the launch of DreamBack VR is slated for Q2 this year via Steam, horror fans shouldn’t have too long to wait. It’ll support Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index and Windows Mixed Reality headset when it does. As further details are released, VRFocus will keep you updated.