New Oculus Quest Guardian Updates Will Detect Objects Within Play Area

As any virtual reality (VR) user knows, the area you play in needs to be clutter-free because once you’re in it’s easy to forget where real-world objects are. It’s why Oculus created the Guardian system in the first place, and later this week the Oculus Quest version is getting a serious update.

Oculus Quest Guardian Playspace

The Guardian system has always been that safety net which stops you walking into a wall – or punching it – with Oculus making it easy to draw an area. It’s the first thing most Oculus users will come across, confirming a previously used area is suitable or creating a new space for a new location.

This week will see a new feature called the Playspace Scan arrive to ensure roomscale areas are as safe as possible. It can detect and exclude objects in a Playspace during Guardian setup such as a chair, highlighting the item which the user should look at moving so no accidents happen.

The last thing you want is to trip over something. A quick search on YouTube will highlight plenty of people who haven’t taken as much care as they should’ve or been way too overzealous and stumbled over something.

Oculus Guardian Yellow

Another feature which is coming soon to the Guardian is colour customization. SteamVR has a colour picker for the walls and floor, so the Oculus Guardian is getting a similar option offering blue, purple, and yellow grid walls.

At the moment only Oculus Quest has been mentioned, so it’s unclear if Oculus Rift will also get the upgrade. The PC VR headset still doesn’t have the much-vaunted hand tracking which is leaving the experimental phase this month.

However, one aspect of this week’s anniversary celebrations both headset owners can enjoy is the sale which takes place later this week. VRFocus will continue its coverage of the anniversary announcements this week, reporting back as further updates are made.