Dance to Audio Trip’s Beat This Week on Oculus Quest

Thanks to its wireless freedom Oculus Quest is fast becoming the home of virtual reality (VR) titles designed for energetic gameplay and fitness. The latest to join this expanding group is Audio Trip by Kinemotik Studios, a dance-centric experience.

Audio Trip

Originally released for PC VR headsets on Steam and Oculus Store late last year, like others in this genre, Audio Trip is all about matching your hand movements to the symbols scrolling towards you, creating a lively workout in the process thanks to choreography by a professional dancer.

One of the few rhythm-action videogames in VR to feature officially licensed music from the likes of Skrillex, Zedd, deadmau5, Lady Gaga and more, the Oculus Quest launch will also see new features, music and contest for players to participate in.

Audio Trip will be introducing a choreography tool so that players can create their own levels to songs. It’s the same tool Kinemotik Studios use to create with, usable in-headset, editing everything in-game. The new song is Golden Pineapple by producer, Tolan, with both the track and tool used in the Choreography Contest.

Audio Trip

Offering players the chance to win a $1000 USD prize for first place, $500 for second or $250 for third, players have to choreograph their version of Golden Pineapple and submit a video to the Audio Trip Discord channel for a chance to win the cash prizes.

Additionally, the Oculus Quest launch will include global leaderboards for players to compete against on another.

“We’re incredibly excited to bring Audio Trip to the Quest. The main reason we created Audio Trip is to help people realize their potential and feel the joy of full-body movement (what we refer to as “embodied VR”), and the Quest is pushing the boundaries of movement in VR to new levels. We’ve really enjoyed playing and testing on the Quest these past few months and can’t wait for everyone to experience the game this way!“ shares Ashley Cooper, Kinemotik Studios co-founder and the professional dancer who choreographed all the dances in the videogame.

Audio Trip for Oculus Quest will arrive this Thursday, 7th May, retailing for $19.99. The title will also support cross-buy. For further updates on Audio Trip, keep reading VRFocus.