VR Battle Royale Virtual Battlegrounds Should be Arriving Tomorrow

Virtual reality (VR) battle royale Virtual Battlegrounds has seen a number of delays since its first Early Access launch was scheduled for March 2019. Recently its was scheduled to arrive on 8th April but after developer CyberDream held an open beta ahead of the launch the team realised this date was no longer possible due to remote working. Now it looks like Virtual Battlegrounds will (should) be arriving tomorrow via Steam Early Access.

Virtual Battlegrounds

With battle royale first-person shooters (FPS) one of the hottest genres at the moment thanks to Fortnite and most recently  Call of Duty: Warzone, Virtual Battlegrounds hopes to capitalise on this trend by offering a military simulator style experience set on an explorable island.

Designed to provide players with a dynamic yet immersive environment to wage war in, in Virtual Battlegrounds you can slide into cover, zipline across the map, blind fire around corners, dual wield weapons, engage in melee combat and climb anything and everything.

“The design of the game evolved to answer questions regarding how to bring those who are new to VR up to speed if already fans of first-person shooters and Battle Royale, and then again to acclimate fans of VR who are new to VR FPS.  The solution was an expansion of five training sandboxes which walk people through VR and tactical VR fps gaming, fit for everyone putting on a VR headset,” said CyberDream in a statement.

Virtual Battlegrounds

So there’s the main Battle Royale mode which then has solo, squad and custom private lobby options to choose from. Helping get players up to speed on the various mechanics are singleplayer and co-op training modes such as a basic basketball court, firing ranges, shoot-house training, PvE bot modes, PvPvE Battle training for squad modes and a multiplayer CQC arena.

Compatible with SteamVR headsets: Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index and Windows Mixed Reality (plus Oculus Quest via the LInk cable), Virtual Battlegrounds is slated to arrive via Steam Early Access on 15th April, retailing for $20 USD. Early Access is estimated to take up to 12 months, with CyberDream adding more game modes, weapons and features in that time. For further updates, keep reading VRFocus.