The VR Game Launch Roundup: Action, Stories and Liberty

As VRFocus likes to do every Friday it’s time to take a look at what virtual reality (VR) videogames are due to arrive over the next 7 days. Offering a diverse range of genres from magical adventures and horror to extreme sports experiences, there’s a little something for everyone here. 

Wrest image1

Wrest – Shaftesbury Lucid Inc

Scary videogames are well suited to VR, so Wrest stepping into a coveted genre. This is a horror title where you play an engineer called Andy Bishop, who wakes to discover a terrifying mystery unfolding in his home. For those that want to test the experience first, developer Shaftesbury Lucid Inc has already made a demo available on Steam.

Witching Tower: Heroes – Daily Magic Productions

Expanding Daily Magic Productions’  Witching Tower VR universe, this action-packed sequel is about fighting hordes of monsters using an array of weapon styles depending on whether a player prefers close or ranged combat. An Early Access launch, Witching Tower: Heroes will be single-player to begin with, with the studio adding multiplayer options in the future.

Fire EscapeFire Escape – iNK Stories

An interactive VR cinematic thriller which premiered during the New York Film Festival in 2018, Fire Escape is a Hitchcock inspired tale which takes place across three 20-minute episodes. You watch over a Brooklyn apartment complex from across the street, able to select apartments and listen in to your neighbour’s conversations. When a murder takes place you need to unravel the mystery.

NYC Bungee – Blackwall Labs

And for those thrill-seekers looking for some excitement Blackwall Labs’ NYC Bungee is just that. Set around the Statue of Liberty, players can climb the famous landmark, enjoy the spectacular views and then bungee off her flaming torch. Or jump in the hot air balloon for a relaxing ride.