Rhythm Action Shooter Pistol Whip Aims for PlayStation VR Release Summer 2020

The PlayStation VR has some great virtual reality (VR) titles available but there are plenty of PC-based videogames that would work well on the system. Cloudhead Games seems to think so as the developer has just announced it’ll be porting the excellent Pistol Whip this summer.

Pistol Whip

Pistol Whip combines both rhythm action gameplay with the feeling of being an unstoppable badass, most often compared to John Wick. Gameplay is fairly straight forward, gun in hand you have to survive levels – called ‘scenes’ – by taking down enemies however you like, shooting them in the face of throwing in a quick gun butt.

As this is a rhythm action experience surviving isn’t enough, you also want to score as many points as possible; achieved by hitting targets to the beat or chaining them together. With a highly stylised visual design and some pounding tracks to play to, Pistol Whip is one of those non-stop sensory assaults.

To further mix up the gameplay players can select from a range of modifiers, removing the aim assist or adding a second gun. Each one affecting the score multiplier in some way.

Pistol Whip - PSVR

When it comes to the PlayStation VR version Cloudhead Games has confirmed Pistol Whip can be played with one PlayStation Move controller by default, with intuitive gestures to reload and melee. Due to the hectic nature of the gameplay Pistol Whip also makes for a decent workout tool.

The studio has continually updated Pistol Whip since its release for PC VR headsets and Oculus Quest in November 2019, adding new scenes as well as other content improvements, the latest being Dark Skies. These are all expected to be part of the PlayStation VR version. Once it has been released new content updates will follow in the months to come.

Check out VRFocus review of Pistol Whip which awarded the title a decent four-star rating, noting: “Pistol Whip is huge amounts of fun even on the easiest difficulty setting, suitable for VR players no matter their skill level.”

Cloudhead Games has pencilled in a summer 2020 window for Pistol Whip’s release for PlayStation VR. When further details are made available VRFocus will let you know.