Final Assault for Oculus Quest Isn’t in Development, Isn’t ‘Out of the Question’ States Phaser Lock CEO

This week Phaser Lock Interactive finally brought its real-time strategy (RTS) title Final Assault to PlayStation VR, offering cross-platform gameplay with PC VR players. When VRFocus spoke with the studios’ CEO Michael Daubert about development he did mention some changes had to be made to ensure fairness across the platforms. The topic of Oculus Quest also came up and how a port is very unlikely. 

Final Assault

Todd Bailey, Creative Director at Phaser Lock Interactive mentioned to VRFocus last year that a port to the standalone headset: “may be possible.” With Facebook recently confirming that over 20 titles had managed to achieve over $1 million USD in revenue, making an Oculus Quest version seems like a forgone conclusion, not so says Daubert.

Chuckling, he said: “We would love to be on the Quest. It’s not feasible. The Quest would be such a challenge, it’s just a different beast in itself.”

One of the core characteristics of Final Assault is its PvP multiplayer mode and the fact that all players no matter the supported headset can engage in online battles together. “If we did do a Quest version it probably wouldn’t be cross-platform because we just wouldn’t be able to support that,” Daubert notes. “We want to make sure we’re delivering the same experience across all platforms. With that being said it doesn’t mean a Quest version is out of the question, it’s something we’d have to do a deep dive into and really explore what that would look like.”

Final Assault

So if Phaser Lock Interactive did decide to make a version of Final Assault for Oculus Quest then it would purely be for the headset, designed to make use of its particular features. Most likely cutting back on all the troop’s players can deploy to maintain a smooth experience.

VRFocus reviewed the PC version of Final Assault for its launch last year, giving it a decent four-star rating whilst saying: “Much, in the same way, VRFocus enjoyed Brass Tactics, Final Assault is another superb example of why table-top gaming works in VR.”

As Daubert has previously mentioned, Phaser Lock Interactive still has further plans for Final Assault. So as details are released VRFocus will let you know.