Fight Monstrous Bosses by Sinking Baskets in Hooplord This Week

Considering some of the good quality virtual reality (VR) sports titles available like Thrill of the FightEleven Table Tennis and Sparc there’s a noticeable lack of decent basketball-related videogames. Heading to PC VR headsets this week is indie title Hooplord which will offer a somewhat different take on the sport, having to shoot some hoops to destroy several elemental bosses.


The work on developer Eric Wu, Hooplord takes place inside an enchanted forest, where you stumble upon an ancient basketball court. Here you are challenged by the Basketball Gods to a series of challenges, one-on-one duels with three elemental-based bosses. For what’s been shown these come in the form of Earth, Fire and Ice opponents.

“I love creating spatial experiences of all types. It’s my dream to build them for a living. In that pursuit, I’ve put together a portfolio of projects, Hooplord being the largest of them, said Wu in a statement. “Following its release, I will be taking the big leap and making a full transition into the VR/AR industry!

“Hooplord is a labour of love that combines boss battles and basketball into a hybrid VR experience that’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen or played before.”

Wu went onto mention in an email to VRFocus that: “Hooplord started as a portfolio piece without intentions of being published, but it eventually blossomed into something I wanted to polish and share with the world.”


Hooplord is scheduled for release via Steam on 9th April 2020, supporting Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Valve Index headsets. It’ll retail for $6.99 USD.

VRFocus will endeavour to cover as many of the more interesting indie VR titles as possible, especially as events to showcase them publicly are currently no longer taking place for the foreseeable future.