Fantasy Adventure Sequel Witching Tower: Heroes Magically Appears in Two Weeks

Daily Magic Productions’ original Witching Tower VR offered a well-balanced magical adventure when it arrived a couple of years ago for PC VR headsets, even seeing a port to PlayStation VR in 2019. Now the studio has announced a sequel, Witching Tower: Heroes, expanding upon the fantasy universe with a far more action-oriented edition.

Witching Tower: Heroes

While the first title had you exploring a tower to find and defeat the evil queen at the centre, in Witching Tower: Heroes you play a fearless hero sent to a war-torn kingdom to deal with all sorts of undead creatures which have been let loose from the Dark Tower.

Initially single-player to begin with, you’ll be able to choose from four weapon styles, a melee sword combination, a magical bow for ranged attacks, a drill to shred enemies and a staff of Fire and Light to cleanse the battlefield. Daily Magic Productions will be mixing up the gameplay with various missions such as protecting or destroying certain objectives.

As it’ll be an early access release the team notes: “The game is stable and fully playable from start to finish. The game has 3 maps, each with unique gameplay. Players have access to 4 weapon types which are very different from each other. The game is beginner-friendly even to people unfamiliar with VR and has plenty of customization options, allowing players to tweak the controls to their liking.”

Witching Tower: Heroes

But it does sound like Witching Tower: Heroes will be most suited to multiplayer gameplay, which will be added in due course: “PvP and 4 player co-op are in the pipeline and will be released in the nearest future. Other than that, we will add more content to the game: weapons, abilities, maps, etc. Another feature in the works is RPG elements and unlockable special abilities that bring more depth to the combat,” Daily Magic Productions adds.

There won’t be long to wait either as a launch date is scheduled for 29th April 2020, supporting Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. For further updates on Witching Tower: Heroeskeep reading VRFocus.