Dead and Buried II: Reloaded Update Brings Major Content Boost to the Multiplayer Shooter

To coincide with the launch of Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift S last year, Oculus Studios released cross-platform multiplayer shooter Dead and Buried II, enabling players to go head to head across a range of gameplay modes. Today sees the launch of Dead and Buried II: Reloaded, a sizeable update to enhance the experience.

Dead and Buried II: ReloadedThe update covers most aspects of Dead and Buried II’s content, with new game modes, maps, characters, and weapons added. When it comes to modes, Survival, Horde and Quickdraw expand the gameplay possibilities with Survival allowing four players to battle waves of enemies whilst collecting energy orbs to continue through the maps. The mode will offer three maps based in the Fort, Canyon, and Alpine regions.

Horde and Quickdraw featured on the original Dead and Buried, making a return in this update. Horde is similar to Survival, battling waves of enemies in partnership with friends or bots, featuring four maps and four bosses in the Courthouse, Theatre, Saloon, and Spookytown. Quickdraw is PvP, and as the name suggests it’s about being the quickest to your gun.

Fans of Dead and Buried II’s Shootout Mode will be able to enjoy four new maps for a total of seven, with up to six players fighting it out on teams of three (bots are also available). Deathmatch sees two additional maps arrive in the form of Spookytown and Alpine.

Dead and Buried II: ReloadedTo give players more options before heading into a level Dead and Buried II: Reloaded adds a character select screen in conjunction with two new characters and five new weapons: Jawbone Tomahawk, Lightning Trap, Slime Trap, Sawhawk and Skull Cannon. Players can customize their character and equip them with a different weapon before every match.

Dead and Buried II is available for Oculus Rift/Rift S and Oculus Quest for £14.99 GBP with the Reloaded update available for free. Should Oculus Studios expand Dead and Buried II further VRFocus will let you know.