OnSkull Games Continues its Escape Room Series With a Third Installment

Whether in real life or in virtual reality (VR), escape rooms can be great to play, certainly evoking ‘the more the merrier’ idiom when it comes to multiple players. A lot in VR do tend to be single-player, however, OnSkull Games has made it a point of releasing multiplayer-oriented versions with its Escape First series. Later this month the third instalment will arrive with three more locations to solve. 

Escape First 3

Supporting up to six players, Escape Room 3 offers team-based and versus modes just like the previous editions. As a team, you’re all locked in the same room while the versus mode puts each player in their own room, the winner being the first to escape.

As for the new escape rooms these are:

  • The Abandoned School
    “You and your high-school friends are having a reunion party. Wanting to re-live the good old days, you decide to visit your old school, which has since been abandoned. At first, it’s all fun and games remembering the past, however, there is one event you all chose to forget and will be forced to confront now.”
  • The Haunted Manor
    “A long lost relative of yours has passed away and left all their belongings to you. They lived a very luxurious life in their enormous manor, so you suspect that they must have a lot of money. However, they have hidden that money in the manor and have challenged you to find it, proving to them that you are worthy of their legacy.”
  • Keep of Lost Souls
    “You and your adventurer friends are intrigued by the stories of a strange man that recently came to town. He talks about an old keep, where a huge battle took place years ago, over an artefact of great power and mysterious abilities. You decide to go and explore the keep in the hopes of finding this artefact.”

Escape First 3“Exploration, teamwork, perception and deductive approach are the key elements we want to incorporate in our games. Our goal is not only to make the players feel the thrill of the discovery but also to promote the cooperation and ultimately the fun of outdoor games like hide and seek, using the latest technology,” notes OnSkull Games.

Escape First 3 is scheduled to launch for Valve Index, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift on 19th March via Steam. For further updates keep reading VRFocus.