DNA VR to Open Second London Location This April

London, UK has a varied selection of location-based entertainment (LBE) catering for virtual reality (VR) fans, from free-roaming experiences like Zero Latency to Mario Kart VR at the Namco Funscape centre. DNA VR was one of the first to open shop in the city, opening its Camden branch in 2017. Soon it’ll open its second location in Hammersmith.

Google Earth VR_userJust like its original location, the Hammersmith branch will offer a selection of VR arcade experiences. These will range from classic favourites like Beat Saber, Arizona Sunshine and Raw Data to Tilt Brush, Google Earth, theBlu and many more. Then there are the premium free-roaming titles designed for groups, where players can fight zombies and robots or explore underwater temples and walk with dinosaurs.

For those that link a true mental challenge then the VR escape rooms are available. Teams of up to six people have an hour to solve the puzzles and escape.

“DNA VR takes virtual reality to the next dimension with both ‘free-roaming’’ experiences and our unique social approach to gaming. More than just an entertainment space, it’s an opportunity to; visit another world, try thrilling new experiences, lose yourself in the VR Escape rooms and take your imagination to the brink of reality!,” said Alexander Tsyurupa, co-founder and CEO of DNA VR in a statement. “All the games and VR Escape rooms are carefully picked by our staff, to provide the customers with the best immersive experiences that’ll make you come back to reality with a feeling of needing more. We’ve already had great success with our Camden DNA VR venue, and very excited to bring this to west London.”

Able to accommodate groups up to 25 people, prices for DNA VR start from £19 GBP and sessions can be booked in advance.

The opening of the Hammersmith location is all thanks to the success of the Camden branch, which DNA VR says has seen over 50,000 visitors since 2017.

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