Co-operative ‘Shout-em-up’ Spaceteam VR to Offer Cross-Platform Gameplay

Initially revealing development of a co-operative party title called Spaceteam VR almost a year ago, British indie developer Cooperative Innovations is due to release the title across multiple platforms this Spring. Today, the studio has confirmed that gameplay will be cross-platform between smartphones and virtual reality (VR) headsets.

Spaceteam VR

An officially licensed version of the popular mobile classic Spaceteam, Cooperative Innovations’ Spaceteam VR looks set to become one of the most cross-playable VR videogames ever thanks to local and online support. Described as a ‘co-operative ‘shout em up”, Spaceteam VR is all about keeping your spaceship intact by using a range of tools in conjunction with a console hosting various levers and dials.

Each player will have their own unique console, needing to communicate the instructions that appear on the monitor above their head. “Each instruction is made up of a selection of nouns, verbs and symbols, which are put together randomly to produce humorous technobabble, such as “Pump Inducer”, “Fill Debris” or “Set 😊 to 2″,” notes the description.

Spaceteam VR will allow up to six VR players to connect online, whether they’re on Oculus Quest, Valve Index or PlayStation VR. Or if you’re all in the same room one person needs to be in VR while everyone else can be on phones or tablets. “…not only is the game going to be playable online on up to six headsets across all the popular manufacturers, but you’ll be able to play locally with people on their smartphones or tablets as well as multiple VR headsets. Players can take it in turns to experience the VR version while still co-operating and shouting technobabble at each other!,” said CEO and CoFounder Simon Barratt in a statement.

Spaceteam VR“Also we’re super excited to announce a single-player mode which is perfect if you find yourself without internet connectivity! Two robot AI characters will join you to help you achieve your Spaceteam mission!,” adds Alex Earle, Community Manager for Spaceteam VR.

Spaceteam VR is scheduled to launch Spring 2020 for Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, HTC Vive, Valve Index and Windows Mixed Reality headsets, with a PlayStation VR version arriving shortly after. For further updates keep reading VRFocus.