BoxVR’s First DLC ‘Essentials Pack’ to Add new Songs & Workouts for Oculus Quest

As most people are having to stay indoors at the moment virtual reality (VR) is a great way to pass the time. For those that like to stay active titles like BoxVR are ideal for burning a few calories and Oculus Quest users are in luck, developer FitXR is about to release the first DLC next week, adding more content to help you stay healthy.


The new Essentials Pack adds 60 minutes of new music with a selection of genres from happy house to hard rock, which should suit most peoples tastes. FitXR has included a selection of new workouts to keep long term fans entertained.

“BoxVR continues to introduce people to a brand new way to work out which is immersive, accessible and most importantly fun. We’re really excited to bring the Essentials Pack to our dedicated and vast community of players, giving them new ways to enjoy BoxVR,” said Sameer Baroova, Co-founder of FitXR in a statement.

One of the launch day titles for Oculus Quest, BoxVR is a rhythm-action videogame offering energetic workouts based around boxing. Where you can jab. hook and uppercut your way through short intense workouts or longer sessions designed to test your stamina. It featured on VRFocus’ 10 Best Fitness Apps For A VR Workout alongside the likes of Beat Saber, Thrill of the Fight and Synth Riders.


Originally designed around a single-player experience FitXR has included a multiplayer aspect for a more competitive workout. Up to six people are able to tackle the same workout together, competing for the top score. Of course, you’re still able to track your progress across any of the modes, so you can see how many calories you’ve burned over time. You can also create your own workouts to mix things up.

BoxVR is available for multiple headsets, not just Oculus Quest. The “Essentials Pack” will be available for Oculus Quest from 26th March. For further updates on the latest fitness apps keep reading VRFocus.