A-Tech Cybernetic’s PlayStation VR Launch is Taking Place This Week

Last month XREAL Games announced in a developer blog that it was almost ready to release sci-fi horror shooter A-Tech Cybernetic for PlayStation VR. As it turns out that was completely correct, with the studio confirming the launch will take place later this week.

A-Tech Cybernetic

Identical to its PC VR counterpart – which has been in Steam Early Access since 2017 – regarding gameplay elements, A-Tech Cybernetic is a nightmarish adventure set within a biomedical facility during the 23rd century where mankind is able to manufacture biologically enhanced, empty body templates that can house a consciousness.

In the Story Mode, you awake in this facility overrun by mutants and you need to clean this mess up using an arsenal of weaponry. Filled with dark corridor, caves and a heavy metal soundtrack, you are also blessed with a selection of superhuman powers to help even the fight; hoe does being able to move things with your mind or slowing time suit you?

For those less concerned with a storyline and far more interested in shooting stuff then there’s the Swarm Mode. Put your shooting skills to the test and battle through waves of mutants across a selection of maps.

A-Tech Cybernetic VR

To ensure comfort for as many players as possible A-Tech Cybernetic offers two locomotion types: smooth locomotion for full immersion and teleport for those prone to motion sickness; the videogame can also be played seated. Additionally, there are to two turning modes: smooth- and snap turn. Do be aware that when it comes to controllers, A-Tech Cybernetic only supports the PlayStation Move controllers.

A-Tech Cybernetic will see a split digital for Playstation VR, coming to EU regions on 26th March and then North America on 27th March, with a €19.99 EUR/$19.99 USD price tag respectively. As for the PC version, A-Tech Cybernetic is leaving Steam Early Access on 27th March.

This will be the first PlayStation VR title XREAL Games has released but it won’t be the last. The studio has also slated Zero Caliber for a Q2 2020 release. As further details are announced VRFocus will keep you updated. It’s going to be a busy week for PlayStation VR gamers which has seen the launch of Paper Beast today and The Room VR: A Dark Matter also due on Thursday.