XREAL Games Detail Updates for Zero Caliber, A-Tech Cybernetic ‘Almost’ Ready for PlayStation VR Release

At present virtual reality (VR) developer XREAL Games has two videogames in Early Access on Steam, A-Tech Cybernetic  from 2017 and 2018s Zero Caliber. The studio recently released a devlog detailing plans for both titles with PlayStation VR support of top importance.

Zero Caliber

XREAL Games first mentioned plans to bring both videogames to PlayStation VR late last year with A-Tech Cybernetic slated for Q1 2020 and Zero Caliber for Q2 2020. In the latest update community manager Daniel Nyirfa has said that sci-fi shooter A-Tech Cybernetic is in: “the final, final, final state, the current version is almost release ready,” and the launch should be really soon.

In addition to work on the PlayStation VR version, the PC edition hasn’t been forgotten. The team will be rolling out an update featuring Valve Index controller support, stability improvements and smaller changes to the Swarm mode.

A-Tech Cybernetic is a nightmarish first-person shooter (FPS) set within the confines of a biomedical facility. All sorts of horrific mutants have overrun the facility and you need to use an assortment of guns and special abilities to survive. There’s a Story mode split across several chapters or the Swarm mode with a collection of maps to choose from and complete.

A-Tech Cybernetic VR

When it comes to Zero Caliber Nyirfa mentions quite a few plans for the military FPS. Slated to appear over the course of 2020 is a player customisation system, improved hand model, more maps as well as reworking current maps, weapon handling enhancements and continuing work on PvP and the dedicated servers.

As for PlayStation VR support, that work is still ongoing but the main news is that XREAL Games wants to keep the attachment system so Zero Caliber will only work with PlayStation Move controllers.

On top of all of this, the team plans on starting a new project; or as Nyirfa puts it ‘a new quest’. Could this be a cheeky hint at an Oculus Quest title? With everything else going on details might take a little time to surface.

See the full developer log below and for further updates on A-Tech Cybernetic and Zero Caliber, keep reading VRFocus.