VR MOBA Hybrid Megalith is Coming to Oculus Rift

Disruptive Games’ multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) title Megalith has been available for PlayStation VR for just over a year now, allowing players to step into the shoes of titans to fight it out. It has now been revealed that Megalith will soon be coming to a new platform, Oculus Rift.


The studio revealed the news on Twitter, saying: “Megalith fans! Exciting news is upon us as we expand the battlefield to Steam. We are excited to bring this experience to a new platform with new fans and players! More info coming soon.”

While VRFocus would normally expect a Steam release to include several headsets such as Valve Index, HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality currently only the Oculus Rift is listed. It’s great to hear that Megalith is being made available for more platforms but the big question is whether it’ll support cross-play between PC VR and PlayStation VR, a feature that would be vital for community growth.

Megalith is all about teamwork, where players are paired up to fight other teams of titans. There are five starting titans to choose from (Tundra, Cipher, Taur, Aurora, and Hunter), each having their own unique powers and abilities for particular strategic advantages. Powerful by themselves, these abilities become even more effective when combined with your teammates.


The five starting Titans and their abilities are:

  1. Tundra: Frost Blast (Primary), Ice Shield, Ice Shackles, Permafrost, Ice Age (Ultimate)
  2. Cipher: Bounce Launcher (Primary), Boomerang, Tether Pull, Rupture, Tracker Orbs (Ultimate)
  3. Taur: Swipe (Primary), Charge, Acid Spit, Rage Mode, Stoneblock (Ultimate)
  4. Aurora: Ethereal Burst (Primary), Chain Lightning, Ion Shell, Tempest, Wrath Of Heaven (Ultimate)
  5. Hunter: Crossbow (Primary), Arrow Volley, Explosive Arrow, Talisman, Solar Beam (Ultimate)

Battles must be carefully managed as you need to attack your enemy’s defences whilst protecting your own. And there’s no point being a titan if you don’t have minions to command. To help lead your forces into enemy territory you’ll need to destroy enemy walls and towers so they can then attack the base, with a few specialised siege minions aiding the assault.

When Disruptive Games reveals further details on the PC version of Megalith, VRFocus will let you know.