Ven VR Adventure is a Lush Platformer Arriving Summer 2020

3D platformers like Lucky’s Tale and Moss showcase how well this traditional videogame genre translates into virtual reality (VR), offering an engrossing, comfortable experience suitable for all players. Polish studio Monologic Games has just announced its first VR title in the form of Ven VR Adventure, a platformer which looks like it could be up there with the best.

Ven VR AdventureAs with any videogame of this ilk, a strong narrative is always important to carry the gameplay along whilst providing a connection to the character. In Ven VR Adventure you play a police officer who encounters plucky hero Ven, living on an idyllic planet called Runnies.

The ecology of the planet and its inhabitants are kept in balance thanks to natural runes, helping to sustain a long and healthy life. These runes are most prevalent in the young EKI, which makes them a perfect target for invaders. Of course, the planet soon has some unwelcome intergalactic guests led by a deadly villain called Bruce Nelson.

He wants to access that energy to make him virtually immortal, destroying this magical world in the process. As the officer tasked with hunting Nelson down, you team up with Ven to help save not only the EKI but the planet as well.

Ven VR Adventure

From the gameplay details release so far, Ven VR Adventure looks to play in a similar fashion to titles like Ghost Giant and Moss, where you play a benevolent god-like character who can interact with the environment, solving puzzles to clear a path for Ven.

In addition to the single-player campaign Ven VR Adventure will also feature other gameplay modes including time trials, where you can enjoy new challenges and compete on global leaderboards.

Monologic Games is developing Ven VR Adventure for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index and PlayStation VR, with a launch planned for Summer 2020. As further details are released, VRFocus will keep you updated.