Undead Valley Update for Arizona Sunshine Shuffles Onto Oculus Quest Today

Ever since the Oculus Quest arrived last year virtual reality (VR) developers have been incredibly resourceful in managing to squeeze their PC videogames onto the standalone device. Vertigo Games and Jaywalkers Interactive achieved this with zombie shooter Arizona Sunshine in December, releasing a couple of content updates in the following weeks. Today marks the launch of the third and final free update, ‘Undead Valley’.

Arizona Sunshine - Undead Valley - Quest

Just like the ‘Old Mine’ update from last month, ‘Undead Valley’ expands the multiplayer Horde Mode with a fresh map. Played solo or with up to three mates, the map is set in one giant warehouse with multiple levels and environmental obstacles like exploding barrels – great for killing hordes of zombies and clearing a route.

As with any of the maps, the best course of action is to keep moving and not get cornered with ‘Undead Valley’ containing doors to unlock which can offer new routes or supplies. Finding new weapons, ammo and tactical positions is key to surviving and eventually breaking out of the warehouse.

As mentioned, ‘Undead Valley’ is the last free piece of content you’ll be getting as March and April will both contain paid-for DLC. Next month sees the arrival of the Dead Man DLC, a prequel to the core Arizona Sunshine storyline. Here you play a Special Forces soldier trying to get a nuclear missile launched in a desperate attempt to halt the spread of zombies. The  Dead Man DLC will retail for $2.49 USD/€2.49 EUR. In April The Damned DLC will arrive for $4.99/€4.99 taking the storyline back even further. This time you’re tasked with reactivating the generators of a massive Arizonan hydroelectric dam.

Remember that both DLC packs support cross-buy on the Oculus platform, so if you’ve already got the Oculus Rift versions then there’s no need to pay again (Arizona Sunshine itself doesn’t support cross-buy).

Arizona Sunshine - Oculus Quest

At the moment Vertigo Games is still keeping quiet on its next shooter, After the Fall, with no updates having been released since September when PlayStation VR support was confirmed.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Arizona Sunshine, reporting back with all the latest updates and announcements.