The VR Game Launch Roundup: Kinda Strange and Kinda Funky

VRFocus presents a list of 5 brand-new virtual reality (VR) titles to look forward to over the course of next week. Featuring both AAA and independent videogames, be sure to check out the accompanying YouTube video for a preview of each title’s gameplay.

Soul AxiomSoul Axiom Rebooted – Wales Interactive

Previously released on all traditional gaming formats in 2016, Wales Interactive has now added VR support to this story-driven adventure puzzle game with vast improvements over the original release. Set in a cyber-world known as Elysia, users can collect and build up their powers and with the game featuring multiple possible endings, it’s up to every user to control their own destiny.

Covert – White Elk Studios

In this co-operative videogame, you and a friend must work together to carry out a successful heist. Featuring cross-play, the gameplay features one player on a mobile device and one in VR, as either a thief in VR or a hacker on a mobile.

Space Channel 5 VR: Kinda Funky News Flash! – Grounding Inc.

Take a trip into the 25th century in this easy-to-learn dance VR title suitable for the whole family. You are on a mission to defeat an evil alien race known as the ‘Moralians’ – by outperforming them on this galactic dance floor!

  • Supported platforms: PlayStation VR
  • Launch date: 25th February

Hero Index – Fingertip Games

In this superhero-inspired flying adventure made exclusively for the Valve Index, wearing your H.E.R.O (Humanoid Exo Robotic Outfit), you take off from your battleship and make use of your deadly laser weapons arsenal to destroy all objects in your path.

  • Supported platforms: Valve Index
  • Launch date: 28th February

Space Channel 5 VRDawn Of Art – Atlas V, Novelab

Take a trip back to 35,000 BC to discover the very first pieces of artwork ever created by man. Discover the mysterious paintings on the wall of the cave in this immersive film, featuring interactive exploration elements. Narrated by Star Wars’ Daisy Ridley, users can discover the mysteries surrounding the origin of art itself.