Stress Level Zero Working on new Oculus Quest Project Based on Boneworks​’ mechanics

After releasing a major update for Boneworks on Steam this week, virtual reality (VR) developer Stress Level Zero has now brought the videogame to the Oculus Store for Oculus Rift. Adding to the announcements, the studio has confirmed a new version based on Boneworks is in development for Oculus Quest.


Stress Level Zero’s Brandon Laatsch revealed on Oculus Blog that: “We’re working on bringing ​Boneworks​’ mechanics and core systems to Oculus Quest in an all-new project that we will have more to show from as the year goes on.” That’s certainly good news for owners of the standalone headset who don’t have the option of using Oculus Link to play Boneworks via their PC.

No other details have been released at this time so it’ll be interesting to see what route the team take when combining  Boneworks’ physics-based gameplay with the processing limitations of Oculus Quest.

Boneworks arrived in December 2019 to much acclaim – it currently has a ‘Very Positive’ rating on Steam. There is a basic storyline where you play a Virtual Security director tasked with delving into deep inner workings of the Monogon Industries’ artificial intelligence operating system; Myth OS. Really though, Boneworks is all about the physical mechanics, how you and the objects around you interact, all made to be as realistic as possible.


“There’s little to no actual game logic, and design relied heavily on the agency players are given through the physics foundation. Players are encouraged to progress through or replay the game as creatively as possible, taking advantage of the physical nature in any way they see fit,” said Creative Director Alex Knoll. “We wanted the game to present our mechanics as a base point for all our VR content moving forward. Likewise, Boneworks’ premise leaves nearly endless branching opportunities to explore the Boneworks universe in future content.”

Boneworks supports Oculus Rift/Rift S, HTC Vive, Valve Index and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. For further updates on the Oculus Quest project, keep reading VRFocus.