PlayStation VR Launch Date Confirmed for Space Channel 5 VR: Kinda Funky News Flash!

Sega Dreamcast classic Space Channel 5 celebrated its 20th-anniversary last year, with developer Grounding Inc. and SEGA originally planning to release Space Channel 5 VR: Kinda Funky News Flash! to coincide with the event. A delay was announced in December until Spring 2020, and now the first launch dates have arrived – only for PlayStation VR.

Space Channel 5 VR

Space Channel 5 VR: Kind Funky News Flash! is a rhythm-action videogame where players have to dance and strike poses to catchy tunes to score as many points as possible. There’s even a story behind this dancing fever in that you work for “Space Channel 5,” the premiere space TV station of the 25th Century. You join senior reporter Ulala as a rookie just as aliens known as “Morolians” arrive, forcing people to dance.

It’ll feature several modes to enhance the content experience alongside the main story campaign. An Arcade Mode will be available to introduce the gameplay which is recommended for VR beginners. For those that like a bit of a workout then the Trial Dance is where you get 100 dances in a row in this exercise and endurance mode – calories are also tracked. A Viewing Mode enables the story to be watched again through a third-person perspective and multiple camera angles, while the Friendopedia has all the character biographies. Finally, a Dressing Room is available to change Ulala’s outfits as they’re unlocked through the story.

Grounding Inc. confirms that: “The English voice cast includes Cherami Leigh taking over the lead role as Ulala, and Tom Clarke-Hill returning to reprise his role as Jaguar. Other cast members include Cassandra Lee Morris as newcomer Kell and Greg Chun as the being terrorizing the galaxy, Glitter.”

Space Channel 5 VR

Space Channel 5 VR: Kind Funky News Flash! will be released on 25th February 2020 across North America, Central, and South America, and 26th February in Japan, Europe, and Oceania for PlayStation VR, retailing at $39.99 USD. Versions for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest have been confirmed but no dates have been released at this time.

Additionally, A Space Channel 5 Ukiuki Music Festival to celebrate the launch, as well as the franchise’s 20th anniversary, will be held in Shibuya, Japan on 27th March 2020. For further updates on the videogame, keep reading VRFocus.