New Trailer, Screenshots & More Lift the lid on Scraper: Gauntlet

Virtual reality (VR) developer Labrodex Studios has been ramping up the release of information for its next shooter Scraper: Gauntlet, having unveiled a mixed reality (MR) trailer as well as conducting a beta last month. The launch is scheduled to take place in a few days giving the studio enough time to drop a new video and gameplay details. 

Scraper Gauntlet

Scraper: Gauntlet’s storyline takes place within Labrodex’s Scraper universe from the first videogame:

“The megacities of the world are under siege by Humech forces, which are being led by LCF – R or Cifer as he calls himself. In an effort to turn the tide of battle, Dr. Janaki Bhandari, a leading AI scientist for ICARUS laboratories, has devised a plan to recover a highly classified weapon blueprint from her secret lab in Refugio, TX. The weapon, codenamed TWS (Tri – Weapon System) is a pair of advanced military gauntlets that house the latest in 3D printable munitions tech. Each gauntlet contains three base weapons that are highly customizable and were specifically designed and tested to counter core Humech abilities.”

You take the role of a Human Resistance Force (HRF) operative tasked with locating and retrieving a new weapon to help defeat the deadly Humech forces.

A big part of the Scraper: Gauntlet gameplay revolves around customisation, unlocking new weapon modifiers and mutators for your stats. The studio has revealed that over 30 mutators will be available to alter a range of variables, 17 are for the gauntlets themselves, improving shield durability or rate of fire. Then there are 15 player stats to select from, enhancing vitals like health.

Scraper Gauntlet

Finally, the three base weapons; Interrogator (a mini, mini-gun), Trajector (a bouncing grenade) and Pulsar (a charged energy beam) have 9 unlockable variants. Offering 12 weapon types you can turn the machine gun into an auto – shotgun, or the grenade launcher into a black hole gun.

Labrodex Studios states the single-player campaign should last around 8 hours with 18 post-game missions unlocking for an additional challenge. Scraper: Gauntlet  is scheduled to launch on 20th Feb supporting Oculus Rift/Rift S, HTC Vive, Vive Cosmos, Valve Index, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. It’ll be discounted from $14.99 USD to $9.99 for a limited time. For further updates keep reading VRFocus.