Latest Boneworks Update Adds Save Spots, Brawl Mode & More

Stress Level Zero launched Boneworks a couple of months ago to resounding acclaim thanks to its accurate approach to physics in a virtual reality (VR) title. Continuing to improve upon the videogame’s features the studio has just released the first major update of 2020, with new modes and the addition of save spots.


You’ll now be able to find several save locations dotted around each level which Stress Level Zero states: “will save any items in your player inventory as well save-able items placed in the savespot bins.” Keeping with Boneworks’ interaction methodology saving works by grabbing two handles at the location and then holding the triggers down. Once you’ve done this all you need to do is press the continue button in the main menu to return. Additionally, finishing a level also counts as a savespot.

The update adds new sandbox items to find throughout the videogame. Once found you’ll be able to spawn some interesting objects to play around with. Keeping with the sandbox mode the Museum Basement has seen an ammo spawn machine, a health setting machine and several other additions with the studio confirming further enhancements will be made in future updates. A completely new sandbox called BlankBox has also appeared. Completely open with minimal environment pieces, Stress Level Zero suggests: “If you want to benchmark your computer and see just how many enemies you can spawn, use the BlankBox.”

Last of the main additions is the new brawl battle inside the arena mode. Here you have free rein to select what types of enemies and how many waves can spawn for endless fights.


Full patch notes for added content – Update 0.1.3
  • ADDED: Save Spots
  • ADDED: Save Spot information in museum
  • ADDED: Collectibles Display Case!
  • ADDED: Additional Reclamation Bins to some levels
  • ADDED: Ammo Dispenser Machine
  • ADDED: Health Machine
  • ADDED: Experimental Texture res for low vram GPUs
  • ADDED: Additional claimable gachapons to most levels
  • ADDED: Nullrat claimable gachapon
  • ADDED: Note for stuck on height select
  • ADDED: Main Menu Exit
  • ADDED: Custom magazine for 1911
  • ADDED: New melee weapon, Pickaxe
  • ADDED: New melee weapon, Katar
  • ADDED SANDBOX: BlankBox for high performance fun

Boneworks is available on Steam supporting Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. For further updates on the title, keep reading VRFocus.