‘VR Menu’ Discovered in Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo

Fans of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy series might be eagerly awaiting the launch of Final Fantasy VII Remake – which has been delayed until 10th April – but it seems as though dataminers have been hard at work unlocking the secrets of a Final Fantasy VII Remake demo. A soundtrack listing has been discovered with the last one noting a ‘VR menu’.

While the 20 other tracks look like normal song listings for a videogame, the inclusion of ‘VR Menu’ at 21 does look a little odd, which could indicate some sort of planned VR integration. It could also be a complete dud, especially considering the difficulty in making the whole of Final Fantasy VII Remake VR compatible.

Square Enix isn’t averse to VR development, creating a spin-off to Final Fantasy XV with Final Fantasy XV: Monster Of The Deep. An expansion of Final Fantasy XV’s fishing mini-game, with a story mode to complete and giant monster fish to catch, VRFocus rather enjoyed the title awarding it a four-star review: “Though far from a deep experience, Final Fantasy XV (Monster Of The Deep) is surprisingly absorbing, and can chew up an impressive amount of time.”

Or then there’s Million Arthur VR: Character Command RPGTales of Wedding Rings VR or how about the Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience which wasn’t an actual videogame, more of a video collage looking back on the history of the ‘Kingdom Hearts‘ series.

Final Fantasy Monsters of the DeepSo it could be entirely possible that Square Enix has an unannounced spin-off of Final Fantasy VII Remake in the works or like Bandai Namco’s Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, PlayStation VR specific missions as a little side bonus. Of course, this is all entirely speculative at this point but any Final Fantasy VR edition will be eagerly looked upon.

If anything does come of this ‘VR Mode’ then VRFocus will let you know as soon as details are available.