It’s Alien Bug Central in Fight or Flight VR’s First Gameplay Trailer

Indie developers are the lifeblood of the virtual reality (VR) industry, passionately creating new content and testing the limits of what the technology can do. While some may be small teams, others are entirely solo, such as Tactera and Skylight dev E McNeill or OlivierJT, creator of Synthesis UniverseRecently, Hayk Amirbekyan released a trailer for his very first VR title, a sci-fi shooter called Fight or Flight VR.

Fight or Flight VR

While the trailer is new, this isn’t the first time VRFocus has seen or featured the videogame as it appeared on a short video segment from Oculus Connect 5 (OC5) in 2018. During an indie event attached to OC5 Amirbekyan showcased some very early footage flying around an alien world killing lots of insect-like creatures. He originally designed the title for mobile but then decided to port it to PC VR.

Over a year later the premise has stayed the same, fighting and surviving massive attacks on an open world, having the option to not only run and gun but also take to the skies with a jetpack, reining destruction on those below. The OC5 version had lightsabres and a singular gun, now that’s been expanded with one of the more interesting weapons being a multi rocket launcher. Once fired the rockets can then be remotely controlled to take into account changing enemy attacks.

With fairly expansive looking levels the key to surviving is collecting energy from those crystals as it powers the weapons, indicated by the purple bar at the bottom of the screen. At the moment there only seems to be a singular survival mode so how the developer plans on adding more variety remains to be seen.

Fight or Flight VR

Still looking a little basic, Fight or Flight VR still has some way to go until completion with Amirbekyan mentioning in a YouTube post: “I think the full release will take at least another year. However, I will likely start selling the game in early access or giving early copies to kickstarter backers, when I launch the kickstarter.”

As development continues VRFocus will keep you updated. For those who like the look of Fight or Flight VR you can message the developer on Facebook to be an Alpha tester.