Gamers Wanted for Scraper: Gauntlet Open Beta

Labrodex Studios is currently in the process of developing its next virtual reality (VR) videogame, a stationary wave shooter called Scraper: Gauntlet, set in the same universe as its first title Scraper: First Strike. It’s quite common nowadays for PC developers to conduct either a closed or open beta in a bid to improve their videogame, ironing out any bugs before an official launch. And that’s exactly what the studio has done this week, seeking PC VR players to join the Scraper: Gauntlet open beta.

Scraper: Gauntlet

If you’re interested in testing the VR videogame for free then Labrodex Studios invites you to join its Discord channel and fill out the pinned form. Besides a free access key to test the early version, the studio is running a bug reporting incentive program where players can earn rewards.

The reward levels are as follows:

  • Rank: Recruit Requirement: Register with a developer Rewards: Earn a rank in the Scraper: Gauntlet BETA discord
  • Rank: Tiro Requirement: 15 pts Rewards: Mention in the Scraper: Gauntlet Special Thanks section
  • Rank: Militia Requirement: 35 pts Rewards: Rewards Below + Entry to winning one of two $50 steam gift cards.
  • Rank: Legionite Requirement: 60 pts Rewards: Rewards Below + Labrodex Swag Bag (T-shirt, Frisbee, Poster, etc…)
  • Rank: Sentinel Requirement: 90 pts Rewards: Rewards Below + Signed copy of Scraper: Rise of Cifer novel
  • Rank: Optio Requirement: 125 pts Rewards: Rewards Below + Scraper: First Strike key
  • Rank: Centurion Requirement: 160 pts Rewards: Rewards Below + Scraper: Gauntlet Key + Mention in the dedicated Centurion section in credits.

The open beta is taking place now and runs until 14th February 2020.

Scraper: Gauntlet

VRFocus previewed Scraper: Gauntlet earlier this week, saying: “Variety is the spice of life and Labrodex Studios is definitely trying to make sure Scraper: Gauntlet has that to ensure broad appeal. This early version feels like development is coming along nicely.”

In Scraper: Gauntlet you take the role of a Human Resistance Force (HRF) operative tasked with locating and retrieving a new weapon to help defeat the deadly Humech forces. This weapon is an arm-mounted gauntlet with various offensive and defensive capabilities. To collect the blueprints you need to complete various tactical simulations using the weapon, upgrading and modifying it as needed.

Scraper: Gauntlet is scheduled for release on 20th February 2020. For further updates, keep reading VRFocus.