Doctor Who: The Edge of Time Still Scheduled for Oculus Quest Next Week, Valve Index Patch Also Likely

British virtual reality (VR) studio Maze Theory released the highly anticipated Doctor Who: The Edge of Time a couple of months ago for PlayStation VR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. At the time the studio also confirmed work was ongoing to support other headsets including Oculus Quest. In December just before Christmas the studio tentatively revealed a 23rd January launch date for the standalone headset, which has just been reconfirmed. 

Doctor Who: Edge of Time

Maze Theory took to Twitter letting fans know work was still on schedule: “We’re still looking good for a 23rd January 2020 launch on @oculus Quest for #edgeoftime – The game promises to be one of the best versions with untethered free movement and many of the recent patch updates and improvements we’ve made.”

And it’s not just Oculus Quest owners that can look forward to that date, it’s looking very likely that a Valve Index patch (possibly a Windows Mixed Reality one to) will arrive the same day as the developer responded to a comment: “Working with Index users on it at the moment. Will likely be out the same time.”

Developed in collaboration with BBC Studios Doctor Who: The Edge of Time features an original story where you and the Doctor have to travel across space and time to save reality. Current Doctor Jodie Whittaker continues to voice the character to retain the TV show’s authenticity, helping you solve puzzles using her trusty sonic screwdriver. With locations ranging from a space-stranded cruiser, Victorian London and an Egyptian temple, you’ll encounter some of Doctor Who’s most famous enemies, such as the Daleks and the Weeping Angels.

Doctor Who: Edge of Time

Reviewing Doctor Who: The Edge of TimeVRFocus gave the title three stars, commenting: “Parts of the experience are great and showcase high production values – the storyline, locations and acting for instance. Doctor Who: The Edge of Time is one for the hardcore fans out there.”

When Doctor Who: The Edge of Time arrives for Oculus Quest it’ll also support cross-buy with Oculus Rift, so fans don’t need to buy it again. VRFocus will continue its coverage of Maze Theory, reporting back with all the latest updates.