The SoulKeeper: Chronicles is the Next Fantasy Adventure From HELM Systems

Florida-based developer HELM Systems has been working on its virtual reality (VR) fantasy adventure The SoulKeeper VR since at least 2015, with a Steam Early Access launch taking place in 2017. Still in early access at present, today the studio has announced its next VR project, expanding that universe further with a whole new experience, The SoulKeeper: Chronicles.

The SoulKeeper: Chronicles

Set to offer a dark open-world role-playing game (RPG), The SoulKeeper: Chronicles will feature three single-player campaigns with interwoven storylines. Each protagonist will feature their own gameplay mechanics inside their own lands to explore.

There’s the Lavordian monk named Isoropos who uses magic, a Bethandrian ranger named Edwyn and Ulvar, a raider hailing from the frozen Baknochtarn north. The world of The SoulKeeper: Chronicles is set in Gerindak and while each character has their own story arc to follow, these will eventually cross over when they need to deal with the dark foe blighting the land, Baron Von Krenaard, a dragon-riding overlord.

HELM Systems has already confirmed that players will have access to fully controllable dragons, horses and ships, both for travel and combat. All interactions also have consequences regardless of the level of importance, so being good or needlessly killing will affect the experience.

The SoulKeeper: Chronicles

Just like the original title The SoulKeeper: Chronicles’ visuals are already gorgeous to look at, with rich open landscapes and detailed interiors with very moody lighting.

“Combining the experience gained with The SoulKeeper VR’s Early Access in 2017, with all the prior non-VR experience dating all the way back to our very humble origins as a total conversion multiplayer mod for Unreal Tournament 2003, we have found a way to properly implement our vision of The SoulKeeper IP as an open-world RPG both for VR and non-VR PC gamers,” says Myron Mortakis, president & founder of HELM Systems in a statement. “We are very excited about this project, because we bring the IP back to the traditional non-VR format, something which many within our following wished for a while now, all while continuing with where we left off with the VR format.”

To mark the announcement of The SoulKeeper: Chronicles, HELM Systems has revealed that if you own the original The SoulKeeper VR – or purchase it by 10th January 2020 – then you will receive a free copy The SoulKeeper: Chronicles upon release. After that January date, The SoulKeeper VR Early Access is being retired.

“We appreciate all those who have been supporting us throughout the early access stages of The SoulKeeper VR and that’s why we will be giving them a free copy of The SoulKeeper: Chronicles upon release. After all The SoulKeeper: Chronicles is a continuation of the story we had started with The SoulKeeper VR but a lot more refined,” adds Mortakis.

There isn’t a release date for the new videogame, so when further details are available VRFocus will let you know.