Shadow Legend VR is Coming to PlayStation VR January 2020

Indie virtual reality (VR) developer VitruviusVR has released two titles to date, 2016’s cute role-playing game (RPG) Mervils: A VR Adventure and the far more serious Shadow Legend VR. The latter arrived for PC VR headsets back in March. Today, the studio has announced a PlayStation VR version is in the works.

Shadow Legend

Shadow Legend VR for PlayStation VR is almost complete in fact, with the launch slated for next month. The team has spent the last eights months or so address some of the issues players had with the original version, adding more content to round out the gameplay experience. VitruviusVR states there’s around seven hours of gameplay with trophies (including a Platinum) available to add a replay factor.

Players should find most movement mechanics have been catered for to ensure a comfortable experience. As a videogame designed around melee combat PlayStation Move controllers are required. Locomotion options range from teleportation to direct movement, with the ability to select smooth and snap turning options (plus further speed and degree options) as well as switchable field of view (FoV) blinders and right/left-handed options.

Shadow Legend VR is a purely single-player adventure, set in the medieval realm of Anaria. You play as the Grand Master of the Knights Templar on a crusade to save the realm. 

Shadow Legend

“In development we spent a lot of time creating densely filled worlds with tons of VR specific interactions along your quest. Throughout the game you will find things to do like playing fetch with the castle dog, feeding carrots to your horse’s, cooking steaks by the campfire, smelting iron ingots in the furnace, rowing a boat to access new map areas, using a hammer on the anvil to fix your sword, or physically spinning the grinding wheel to sharpen it and much more,” explains Blake Stone, CEO and Founder of VitruviusVR in a statement. “The game includes sword, bow, and mage based combat (with a unique sword-based parrying system), has NPCs and Merchants that you can talk & barter with for more powerful weapons, speech-recognized riddles/ interactive VR puzzles, a deep story conveyed through characters, physical books & items, and boss fights specifically designed for VR.”

VitruviusVR plan on launching Shadow Legend VR for PlayStation VR on 21st January 2020, priced the same as the PC version at $24.99 USD. As further details are released VRFocus will keep you updated.