It’s Time for the Steam Winter Sale, Earn Festivity Tokens to Spend in the Holiday Market

Here in the UK, there’s a sofa store which is renown for its continual savings, making the prospect of buying a product out of a sale seem almost ridiculous. The same almost goes for Steam. The Steam Autumn sale only finished at the beginning of December and today it’s time for the winter sale. Offering the usual massive assortment of discounted titles, the Steam Winter Sale 2019 has a new feature, Festivity Tokens. 

Winter Fury

You can earn Festivity Tokens by shopping on Steam or through the completion of Holiday Quests. Once you’ve collected a few tokens it’s then time to head on over to the Holiday Market to spend them on the Steam Winter Sale Coupon, new Chat Stickers, new Chat Room Effects, and other items. For each £1 you spend you get 131 tokens to use in the market. Most stickers are 500 tokens while Chat Room Effects cost 1,000 tokens. The Winter Sale Coupon is a full 5,000 tokens but it will save you £3.80 off your next purchase. Each completed Holiday Quest earns you 100 Festivity Tokens

There are plenty of new and classic virtual reality (VR) titles to choose from, such as Winter Fury: Longest Road which arrived this week and has a 25% discount. Or how about Touring Karts with a 30% discount.

Other videogames which caught VRFocus’ eye include:

Steam seems to be in such a festive spirit that there’s even a poem to mark the occasion:

“‘Twas the night of the Steam sale, and in every house
People eagerly waited, with PC and mouse.
Thousands of games, just waiting for plays,
Now shall be discounted, for 15 straight days!
Swing by for your favorites, buy gifts for your friends,
Stick around for the Yule Log (it never ever ends).
With new deals each day, and extras galore
From now through the 2nd, await at the Store.
So keep up with the party, with events, and our blog-
Watch as Steamdale’s Mayor Carol drinks way too much nog.
And from all of us here at Steam back to you
A very Happy Holidays, and Winter Sale too!”

The annual Steam Winter Sale begins today and runs through until 2nd January 2020 at 10am PT. For the latest VR savings updates, keep reading VRFocus.